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Distinguished Past

Chellaram Shipping can trace its roots back to Chennai, India where in 1916 the Late Kishinchand Chellaram, founder of the Group, established a textile business. This was to provide the cornerstone for development of a formidable International Trading Organisation with 50 branches spread across four continents.

Mr. Lal L. Chellaram, the Chairman, set up the Shipping business in Hong Kong in 1979 and within a short period the Company started to manage three new vessels. Gradually more vessels were added and today Chellaram Shipping manages a large fleet of modern and versatile dry-bulk carriers from Handysize to Kamsarmax size vessels, and a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger.

Our heritage has been successfully built on the principles of Quality, Reliability and Integrity.

Impeccable Reputation

Over the years, Chellaram Shipping's reputation for reliable and high-quality service has been established through the efficient management of our vessels. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, both afloat and ashore, who utilize and maintain the fleet effectively.

The Industry recognizes that we always honour our commitments to Customers and provide our Charterers the flexibility they require. Consequently, worldwide reputed Shipping Companies trust Chellaram Shipping. We value long-term working relationships with Customers, such as:

• Oldendorff • Bunge • Norden
• Ultrabulk • K. Line • NYK
• Swissmarine • Klaveness • SAIL
• WBC • Trafigura • Cargill

From our headquarters in Hong Kong - an international hub of maritime activity in the most dynamic region of the world, we provide full commercial, technical and crewing services using the latest IT and communications technology.

Chellaram Shipping believes that commercial success must be founded on social responsibility and is, therefore, happy to support charitable causes - with a sense of oneness between the Company and the recipients.

Bright Future

Shipping continues to provide a major thrust of growth for the Chellaram Group Management.

We are willing to commit our resources to Customers who have long-term and growing bulk shipping requirements. We are keen to build strategic relationships and form alliance with Customers who have a common interest in developing long-term shipping projects for the movement of bulk cargo into new markets. We will use our business partnerships, tonnage and established international presence to develop niche markets.

We also offer our expertise of Ship Management to Owners desirous of entrusting the care of their Dry Bulk ships to a quality and reputable Ship Manager.

With our home base of Hong Kong in China, we see the fast growing regions of Asia Pacific as our natural arena of operations.

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