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Career Opportunities
Most of our managerial shore staff, from Superintendents to the Chief Executive, is our own ex floating staff. It is truly a Company where the Fleet and the Floating-staff grow together...
We ensure
  • Ships maintained to highest standards.
  • Strong support from shore based management.
  • Secured job and bright future with high family values.
We offer
  • Short Contracts, with excellent Service Conditions.
  • Good Career advancement in a reputable Company with over 30 years in Ship Management.
  • Family Carriage benefits for Officers.
  • Timely disbursement of salaries by 28th day of every month.
  • Risk Management program - "Mariner" in use in the Fleet.
  • Computerised Safety & Quality program.
  • Friendly environment with majority Indian Crew/Officers & Indian Messing.
We value
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
Social Responsibility

Chellship has been providing scholarships to cadets from T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai and Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkatta based on need-cum-merit basis.

In our continuing efforts to promote and help deserving trainees of merchant marine, the owners and managers have now instituted scholarships at Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune (TMI); International Maritime Institute, Noida (IMI) and Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai (AMET).

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, the following prizes have also been instituted at the above institutes:

  1. Cash prize to B.Sc (Nautical Science) student securing the highest aggregate marks in Navigation subject at AMET, Chennai
  2. Cash prize to B. E. (Marine Engineering) student securing the highest aggregate marks in Marine Internal Combustion Engine subject at IMI, Noida
  3. A Rolling Trophy to the winner of the annual Inter House Sports event and a cash prize of INR 10,000/- to the best sportsman of the year at TMI, Pune
  4. Cash prize to B. E. (Marine Engineering) student securing the highest marks in Marine Engineering Knowledge at TMI, Pune.

The Company's Manning Agent's office in Mumbai has its own Training Centre headed by a dedicated Training Superintendent.

If you are looking for good advancement prospects, flexibility in your career path, and steady employment on a fleet of modern ships, then register your interest Online.

Chellaram Diabetes Institute

Chellaram Foundation, has established the Chellaram Diabetes Institute A Not for Profit Institute in Pune with state-of-the-art facilities.

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