International shipping emissions compared to countries (2015)

The shipping industry, if it were a country, would rank 6th in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon dioxide emissions (million tonnes)
Sources: International Council on Clean Transportation, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our Initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint

Chellship is evaluating the use of emerging technology to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emission in order to achieve its environmental goals.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure -
Our carbon audit

Off to an encouraging start

Our results in saving emissions over and above the rules embolden us.

We aim high

In our journey to Carbon neutral we set ourselves challenging targets.

IMO target-EEDI phase III from 2025
Chellship targets to achieve EEDI phase III for all new
buildings by 2023
IMO target – 40% reduction in carbon Intensity
by 2030
Chellship targets to achieve 40% reduction in
carbon intensity by 2026