Chellship conferred Ship Owner of the Year -2022 Award

Chellaram Shipping (Hong Kong) Ltd. (“Chellship”) was awarded the prestigious Hong Kong Ship Owner of the Year 2022 award by The Sailors Home and Mission to Seafarers, Hong Kong at its Annual Maritime Charity Dinner & Seafarers Awards 2022 ceremony. This ceremony was attended by about 200 guests at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hong Kong on 29th June 2023.

Seafarers in the thousands serving on Hong Kong Flagged and/or Hong Kong owned and/or Hong Kong managed vessels were invited by the Mission to participate in a confidential survey held between November 2022 to January 2023. The survey had questions primarily pertaining to crew welfare, how valued they felt and how likely they are to return to the company ? The results of all the respondents were tabulated by the Mission and the company with the highest aggregate score winning the Award.

Chellship was the recipient of this Award for the 2nd consecutive year. In his acceptance speech, Chellship’s Director & Chief Executive, Vishal Khurana, dedicated this Award to his fleet’s ship-staff in recognition of their excellent Teamwork with the shore-based staff of the Company. He joined the guests in applauding the dedicated services of the Mission’s staff and Senior Chaplain, Reverend Stephen Miller, for this the 9th year of the Hong Kong Seafarers’ Awards Survey.