Delivery Of Darya Nitya

Amidst jubilation and longstanding tradition, we joyously welcomed the majestic 63,200 DWT Ultramax vessel, christened “DARYA NITYA,” into our Chellship fleet on April 29th, 2024. This momentous occasion marks the induction of Darya Nitya as the 24th vessel in our illustrious fleet, a testament to our enduring maritime legacy.

The ceremony commenced with the stirring rendition of the National anthems of India and China, setting a poignant tone for the memorable event: Mrs. Preeti D’Costa, wife of Capt. Sheriff D’Costa,General Manager, Chellaram Shipping, India led a heartfelt prayer, imbuing the atmosphere with blessings and grace.

The christening of the vessel, done by God Mother Mrs. Preeti D’Costa, was a proud and honourable moment. This was followed by the symbolic breaking of a Champagne bottle on the ship’s hull, evoking maritime heritage and tradition. Additionally, the traditional coconut-breaking ceremony was led by Mr. Arun Kumar, Sr. Vessel Manager,Chellship.

“Darya Nitya,” meaning ‘Tradition of the Sea,’ embodies our unwavering commitment to maritime excellence and heritage. The significance of “Nitya,” representing eternal and never fading, adds depth to the vessel’s name.

Following the ceremony, the esteemed guests had the privilege of attending a celebratory luncheon hosted by Jiangsu Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, China, where heartfelt exchanges of gifts took place.

Capt. D’Costa, in his address, expressed profound gratitude to Jiangsu Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd for delivering this remarkable vessel equipped with energy-saving devices such as Pre shrouded Vanes, Rudder Bulb, and high-quality anti-fouling paints.

As Darya Nitya embarks on her maiden voyage on April 30th, 2024, to load cargo from Canada to China, we eagerly anticipate a journey brimming with success, safety, and prosperity. Here’s to smooth sailing and the promise of countless milestones ahead!