Delivery of Darya Rapti

Darya Rapti was delivered on 27 May 2022 at Hakodate Dock Ltd, Japan as per schedule despite covid limitations. Mrs Mallika Aluri, wife of Mr Aluri Rama Krishna, General Manager of Chellaram Shipping, named the vessel at an impressive Naming Ceremony conducted at the shipyard..

This was the Company’s 23rd new ship building order.

A Puja was held on the Bridge to seek Gods’ blessings for the crew’s well-being and the ship’s safe voyages. “Darya” means the Sea and “Rapti” is holy river in India. “Darya Rapti”, therefore, is a confluence of this holy river and the sea.

Darya Rapti sailed on 27th May 2022 on her maiden voyage to Gladstone, Australia.