Delivery Of Darya Rashmi

Chellaram Shipping (“Chellship”) took delivery of the 82,210 DWT Kamsarmax – Darya Rashmi, at a glorious Naming & Delivery Ceremony on 12th October 2023 at Chengxi Shipyard, China (“Chengxi”). This is the 20th vessel in the Chellship Fleet.

This was the first new ship delivery ceremony of the Company post the pandemic where about 80 guests and staff attended in person. The ceremony began with a beautiful prayer ceremony conducted by Mrs Shobhna Chellaram, wife of Mr Lal Chellaram, Chairman of the Chellaram Group. This was followed by the Naming of the vessel by God Mother, Mrs Devi Harjani and the traditional breaking of a coconut on the vessel’s hull by Mr Satish Kadam, Director, Chellship, Mumbai.

Darya Rashmi derives her name from the Sanskrit word “Darya” which means the Sea and “Rashmi” which means Radiance; together Darya Rashmi is the “Radiance of the Sea”.

Mr Jasent Zhou, Vice President of Chengxi and Mr Vishal Khurana, Director & Chief Executive of Chellship spoke about the close relationship and important partnership between both the companies

The Naming & Delivery Ceremony was followed with a celebratory luncheon hosted by Chengxi at the Founder International Hotel and Cocktails & Gala Dinner hosted by Chellship at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Yangzhou.

Mr Lal Chellaram, speaking to the guests at this Dinner, expressed his grateful thanks to Chengxi for delivering a state of the art vessel, sister to Darya Lachmi delivered in 2022 by Chengxi. He also thanked the assembled guests, several of whom are our partners in the building of this ship, as also the Chellship staff for their diligence and Team spirit. He offered his good wishes to the Officers & Crew on board Darya Rashmi for every success in the safe and efficient operation of the ship.

Highlighting the Company’s 45th Anniversary this year, he said the Company well understands its responsibility beyond ship owning to environmental sustainability, safety at sea with a pledge to continue its journey to Green Shipping.

Darya Rashmi departed on her maiden voyage on 13th October 2023 to load cargo from Argentina and Brazil.