Delivery of the Darya Mahi

Chellaram Shipping (“Chellship”) took delivery of the 39,760 DWT Handysize, M.V. Darya Mahi, at a glorious Naming & Delivery Ceremony on 05 March 2024 from Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd, Japan (“Onomichi”). This is the second vessel to be delivered by Onomichi to Chellship and the 23rd vessel in the Chellship Fleet.

The naming ceremony began with a beautiful prayer ceremony conducted by Mrs. Vivian Khurana, wife of Mr. Vishal Khurana, Director and Chief Executive of Chellship, followed by the National anthems of India and Japan. Mrs Khurana, as the God Mother, named the vessel and offered her good wishes to all who sail on her.

The name DARYA MAHI is in reverence to the River Mahi, which is one of the few west-flowing rivers in India that flows into the Arabian Sea after passing through 3 different states.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Senior Vessel Manager, Chellship, did the traditional breaking of a coconut on the vessel’s hull.

The Naming & Delivery Ceremony was followed by a celebratory luncheon hosted by Onomichi. Mr Takashi Nakabe, President, Onomichi Dockyard acknowledged Chellship’s excellent reputation and thanked the Company for its Team’s very good co-operation in the building of both the vessels.

Mr. Vishal Khurana, congratulated Onomichi for their commitment to excellence and perfection in ship-building. He also highlighted Chellship’s serious commitment to environmental sustainability and green shipping, with the application of the latest technology and energy saving devices in its Fleet.

Darya Mahi departed on her maiden voyage on 5th March 2024 to load cargo from Portland, USA.